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Rise like a free of charge, vectorized chicken within Secrets and techniques associated with Rætikon at this time

25 Oct

Secrets and techniques associated with Rætikon has gone out right now within leader with regard to COMPUTER as well as Macintosh (Linux inbound), along with secrets arranged free of charge through adding to the actual game’s Indiegogo marketing campaign, that looks for $40, 000 within the following thirty days. Secrets and techniques associated with Rætikon originates from Damaged Guidelines, the actual designers at the rear of But this Techniques as well as Chasing after Aurora.

Secrets and techniques associated with Rætikon places gamers in charge of the chicken that has to repair historic devices in whose components tend to be spread over the encircling jungles, caves as well as mountainsides. Apart from discovering secrets and techniques as well as obtaining components, gamers may connect to additional creatures ArcheAge CD Key as well as vegetation, battling as well as assisting numerous animals. All of us obtained to test an earlier edition from GDC European countries as well as had been completely amazed through the game’s ethereal elegance as well as astonishing problems.

Damaged Guidelines selected Indiegogo more than Kickstarter since the competitors is actually much less brutal as well as Kickstarter does not however assistance businesses through it’s house within Luxembourg, facilities co-founder Martin Pichlmair states.

“Yet much more essential is actually the truth that all of us consider this much more truthful in order to release the versatile financing marketing campaign compared to heading the standard Kickstarter-style set financing path, inch he or she states. “Flexible financing indicates: Funders obtain the online game as well as all of us obtain cash whether the actual marketing campaign objective is actually arrived at or even not really. We’re merely promoting leader use of the overall game using a popular system compared to our very own web site. inch

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Breakfast Topic: How long do you expect Mists content to last you?

11 Dec


Breakfast Topic How long do you expect Mists content to last you

For some players, the internal expansion clock for Mists of Pandaria is already ticking. Are you the type of player who likes to “play through” the content of an expansion to some point of personal satisfaction, then revert to alts or even go on hiatus until another sufficiently tempting patch or expansion comes along? Or GW2 Gold do you treat Azeroth more as the virtual world or real-world social network you’ve made your home, someplace you simply always hang out?

Wow supports both these very different approaches to MMOs in equal measure. I’ve taken each view at various times, myself (although I suspect my periods of hiatus have been born more from the burnout of writing about World of warcraft as much if not more as i play it at times). But generally speaking, I consider Azeroth a virtual home. I’ll do whatever I find interesting at the time, but I’m always there on some level, regardless of what’s current and fresh. In fact, I’ve become quite choosy about what I leap into right off the bat in any given expansion or patch. Some things, I’ve found, make better leftovers months or even years after their introduction!

If you prefer to play through things from start to “finish” when they’re fresh, how long do you expect Mists to take you? How much longer do you anticipate spending leveling up, raiding, and trying out any other features that seem particularly compelling? How long would you like those things to take? What’s too long and what’s too short, in terms of the lifespan of a major patch or expansion? is a preffional gaming service site with secure buy rs gold, buy diablo 3 gold, come to see!.


Last week in Wow: Whither patch 5. 1?

5 Dec
Last Week in WoW Whither patch 51

Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. With Patch 5. 1 now a release candidate over on the PTR, the speculation on a release date runs rampant. There hasn’t been an official date set as of this writing, but with an 8 hour downtime set for this morning starting at 3 a. m. PST, a patch could be possible. If nothing else, a new patch might be the perfect 8th anniversary present. Then again, Blizzard might want to take Thanksgiving easy and wait for next week. I’m guessing we’ll need to wait for November 27 myself.

Whether there’s a patch coming or not, you can’t play Wow for a bit, so why not catch up on the latest news? We have a lot of great articles this week, including some that’ll give you the perfect leg up on patch 5. 1. Read on.

Hot news and features

It’s WoW’s 8th Anniversary week, and Blizzard released a video tribute.
Check out the latest patch 5. 0. 5 hotfixes for November 12.
Pilgrim’s Bounty is upon us, and we a guide to the season.
Blizzard’s eased the difficulty of some of old world raid bosses in patch 5. 1.
Patch 5. 1 brings grand commendations, which will be used to help your alts get reputation quicker.
Despite some ominous datamined language, Darkmoon Faire trinkets aren’t currently slated for a nerf in patch 5. 1.
Patch 5. 1 may herald a return to world PvP objectives.
Check out the new reputation rewards for Alliance and GW2 Gold Horde in patch 5. 1.
Check out our (spoiler-filled) review of the Horde-specific patch 5. 1 scenario, Dagger in the dark.

The discussion over reputation gaining methods continues. Could a once-a-day dungeon run for reputation be in the cards?
MMO Champion recently interview Lead Encounter Designer Ion Hazzikostas.
As rumors and sightings of PvP bots and cheaters flare up, Blizzard has reiterated that they will come down hard on anyone caught cheating.
GuildOx now has a feature that tracks how many people are using each class specialization.
We review the Shado-Pan reputation.

Class news and guides

Arcane Brilliance previews patch 5. 1 for mages.
The Care And Feeding of Warriors examines perception and reality in regards to the current state of DPS warriors.
Scattered Shots takes a Mists-era look at that perennial question: What is the best hunter pet?
Encrypted Text offers some rogue advice for Mogu’shan Vaults.
The Light And How to Swing It has retribution advice for the Heart of Fear raid. We also have some advice for tanking Mogu’shan Vaults.
Shifting Perspectives has a guide to reforging for guardian druids.
Lichborne looks at Terrace of Endless Spring gear.
Spiritual Guidance has a guide to priest healing for those who have never done it before.
Blood Pact has some advice for staying alive as a warlock.

Dungeons, items, professions, PvP, and more

Addon Spotlight looks at cooldown trackers.
This hidden quest has a lucrative reward, but will you be able to live with yourself?
Wow Archivist relates the tragic tale of Tseric.
How do you deal with racism, homophobia, and other horrible behavior in a random group?
Anne discusses the ramifications of the new Raid Finder loot system.

Odds and ends

Know Your Lore discusses what we don’t know about the pandaren race. We also have part one of a Wow lore for Dummies series on the Alliance.
15 minutes of Fame talks to a Wow player who got to spend a summer in Blizzard’s art department.
Li Li’s Travel Journal is up to part 6.
Should players be in charge of disciplining their fellow players? Anne offers an intriguing glimpse at how it could work.
What does community mean in Wow these days?
There’s been a lot of discussion about feedback lately. Rossi lays out what it really means.
Some Wow quests come with moral choices now. What does that mean for the game and story telling?


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Patch 5. 1 alters US and Oceanic realm event times

30 Nov
Patch 51 alters US and Oceanic Realm Event times

Blizzard Senior Community Manager Zarhym has posted on the US forums, informing players that, with the arrival of patch 5. 1, substantial changes have been made to realm reset times throughout the US realm region, including oceanic servers. The reason behind this is the impact of cross-realm zones, or CRZ, on times events such as the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. Previously, players were able to manipulate the new feature to “realm-hop” to hand in the quests the moment the tournaments began, so Blizzard shut them down while the devs worked on a solution.

The solution they’ve reached for patch 5. 1 is to normalize event times across the US, and set up a different group of normalized times for the Oceanic region. The EU’s servers have worked like this for many years, and it seems a viable answer to the problem, although some adjustment will be necessary for those who are inconvenienced by the changes.

Due to the huge time difference, as noted, Oceanic servers have different reset times, but they continue to share raid and dungeon lockouts with us servers as Blizzard’s team wish to maintain the large player pool for their matchmaking systems to draw from.

Hit the break for Zarhym’s full post and to see when your new reset times are.

With Patch 5. 1: Landfall we’ve reactivated the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. To accomplish this we reevaluated the way time-based events work in World of warcraft. The time zone designation for a realm doesn’t always correlate with its real-world location, and that designation has traditionally directed a player to choose a realm that shares their local time. With cross-realm features like zone coalescing (CRZ) and Raid/Dungeon Finder, linking event reset or lockout times to realm times has caused a lot of confusion, such as zones flipping between day and night upon zoning, and created substantial issues with limited-time events, such as Azeroth’s fishing tournaments.

North american Daily Event Times

In Patch 5. 1 we’ve moved most time-based events on North american diablo 3 gold realms to standardized, region-wide times. Below are the updated event times for all North american realms, regardless of your realm’s local time (excluding Oceanic realms).

Times displayed in North american Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8 hours)

5: 30 a. m. PST*

6: 30 p. m. PST*

Daily quests reset
3: 00 a. m. PST

Profession cooldowns and farm reset
3: 00 a. m. PST

Dungeon & raid lockouts reset
Unchanged (times still shared between NA and Oceanic realms)

Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza begins
2 p. m. PST every Sunday

Battleground holidays
12: 00 a. m. every Friday – 12: 00 a. m. every Tuesday PST

Darkmoon Faire begins
12: 00 a. m. PST first Sunday of every month

Oceanic Daily Event Times

Note that, due to the extreme time zone difference, Oceanic realms have a separate standardized time, and Oceanic realms aren’t coalesced with non-Oceanic realms for cross-realm zones. Oceanic realms are, however, still a part of the North american matchmaking pool for Scenarios, Dungeon Finder, Raid Finder, Battlegrounds, and Arenas, in order to ensure that the matchmaking system is able to draw from a healthy population of players at any given hour. Because of this, raid/dungeon lockouts will continue to reset at the same time for North american and Oceanic realms (i. e. reset times will still vary depending on your local time).

Times displayed as Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT +10 hours)

5: 30 a. m. EST*

6: 30 p. m. EST*

Daily quests reset
3: 00 a. m. EST

Profession cooldowns and farm reset
3: 00 a. m. EST

Dungeon & raid lockouts reset
Unchanged (times still shared between NA and Oceanic realms)

Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza begins
2 p. m. EST

Battleground holidays
12: 00 a. m. every Friday – 12: 00 a. m. every Tuesday EST

Darkmoon Faire begins
12: 00 a. m. EST first Sunday of every month

*Day/night changeovers are not currently set to the times listed above and will be updated in a hotfix as soon as possible.


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Guinness record of longest game session set at 135 hours with Black Ops 2

28 Nov

The Guinness World Record for longest video game marathon was set by Australian Okan Kaya this week, after he played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for 135 hours over seven days.

Guinness rules allow for one ten-minute break every hour, which Kaya could bank and use in chunks. Yahoo’s Plugged In reports the previous record was set by a Canadian pair playing diablo 3 gold the Resistance series for 120 hours.

Kaya was in good company with Call of Duty Black Ops 2, which set sales records when it earned $500 million on its first day at retail.


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The 10 worst habits of online gamers

5 Nov

When you’ve got the right group of people, playing a video game online can be a blast. Opponents are evenly matched, the gameplay is never predicable, and you might even make a friend in the process.

Those sessions, unfortunately, are rare. Too often, online gaming brings out the worst in people. You’ll have to deal with tirades, cheaters, and griefers, jerks who get pleasure torturing other players.

There are plenty of bad habits in the online gaming world, but here are ten of the worst.

– Foul/rude language

It used to be if you wanted to learn the latest patently offensive terms and lamebrain insults, you’d have to pick a fight on a playground. Nowadays? Just play a modern shooter online.

[Related: Men engage in more ‘risky online behavior’ than women, study shows]

Being berated by an opponent or teammate is sadly commonplace, as are racial slurs, sexist rants and enough ‘colorful’ language to make George Carlin blush. Sure, we all get upset and let an expletive fly from time to time, but an egregious number of online gamers spew obscenities like no one is listening. We are. If you can’t play without cursing up a storm, do us all a favor and leave the headset in the drawer.

– Crummy sportsmanship

There’s a fine line between friendly trash talk and going for the jugular. Some online players zero in on newbies and verbally abuse them incessantly. It’s possible to mute them, but once you’ve been targeted by an abusive know-it-all, it’s hard to want to keep playing. No one wants to play with a jerk. Don’t be that guy.

– Cheating

Most of us play games as a fun diversion. Perhaps we play to relax, or maybe to challenge our reflexes. Others see success in a game as a reflection of their self-worth and can’t stomach the thought of losing, so they rely on cheat codes or exploit glitches in the game to win at any cost. They’re often banned by the moderators, but never immediately. Leave the cheating to your single-player game.

– Ignoring your team

Leroy Jenkins became a classic internet meme when a player ignored his team in a World of Warcraft session and got them all killed. Good for a laugh, but not so good when you’re on his team. It’s hard enough finding a team that plays well together; getting submarined by a self-obsessed gamer sucks the fun right out of it. If you’re after personal glory and not interested in playing well with others, do everyone a favor and just play a solo game. (Unless you’re actually Leroy Jenkins, in which case, we salute you.)

– Rage quitting

You’re just about to score a hard-earned victory against an opponent, then the notice comes onscreen that they’ve left the game. It could be a problem with their connection, but odds are they got upset they were losing and dropped out in a fit of rage. Depending on the game, you might still get credit for the win, but these people rob you of that climatic moment when you achieve victory.

– Camping

No, not the great outdoors kind. We’re talking about camping in shooters, where players prefer to set up shop in a hidden corner of the map, essentially hidden from incoming bullets, and pick off other players with a sniper rifle. A legit tactic? Technically, sure, but since most shooters are built to encourage movement and action, it’s also a great way to earn the ire of everyone playing against (and even with) you.

– Not knowing the rules

Know-it-alls might be frustrating, but so are players who insist on playing online games, but have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. You’ll know exactly who they are by their errant meanderings and total disregard for any mission or map objectives. They’ll constantly die, refuse to listen to advice, and generally wreak havoc by failing to read the game’s instruction manual. It’s fine to learn as you go, but be mindful that no one signed on to babysit.

– Mouth-breathing

Here’s a tip for anyone who’s playing online: That microphone near your mouth is on. And if you put it too close, the rest of us are going to be forced to listen to your asthmatic gasping. Heaven help us if you’re got a sinus infection. Move it an inch or two back and everyone will be happier.

– Arguing with non-players

Having to listen to two players bicker is bad enough, but when opponents begin squabbling with their spouses, parents or significant others, it just gets awkward. The rest of the people playing the game don’t want to hear about how you forgot to take out the garbage or what you need picked up from the store. Just remember to hit mute next time.

– Being too good for the room

No one will fault you for having awesome game skills (assuming you’re not cheating), but if you play at a level that is significantly higher than everyone in the room, do us a favor and find somewhere else to play. Losing is part of the game, but not if you’re playing against someone eons past your skill level. If one player is dominating round after round after round — and by a wide margin — it kind of sucks the fun out of the room. Michael Jordan didn’t spend his career outplaying high-schoolers, and neither should you. is a preffional gaming service site with secure buy Call of Duty Black Ops 2 CD Key, Call of Duty 9 CD Key, come to see!.


The U.S. Navy is looking for a few good video game hackers

29 Oct

The war on terror has taken an odd — and kind of fun — turn.

The U.S. government has hired a white hat hacker collective to dig through used video game systems in an effort to track down bad guys.

The Navy is leading the charge in this hunt, last week hiring California-based Obscure Technologies to head up the “Gaming Systems Monitoring and Analysis” project. The company will be paid just over $177,000 for the job of developing tools to extract sensitive information from six modern gaming systems and examine how it might be exchanged through messaging and chat networks.

Wary of the obvious privacy concerns, the Pentagon says it only plans to use this technology overseas, since it’s illegal to do so on American citizens.

Beyond the possibility of terrorists using systems like Xbox Live and Nintendo’s 3DS to exchange information about potential targets, the Feds are also looking to hunt down pedophiles, which sometimes use online game systems to find potential victims.

Obscure Technologies certainly has its work cut out for it. The company will be responsible for designing a prototype rig to monitor and capture data from gaming systems. They’ll also have to write what sounds like a manual on how best to use it (and why it chose the route it did.)

That’s tricky stuff, given how complex encryption technologies have become as developers fight back against video game piracy. But seeing as Obscure Technologies is staffed with a lead scientist who previously reverse engineered the Xbox, the Navy seems confident.

Part of the lure for officials to look closely at monitoring in-game chats and messages is the expanding role of game machines. The Xbox 360 and PS3, for instance, can now access social media sites and offer peer-to-peer messaging systems that have thus far gone largely unmonitored.


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