Breakfast Topic: How long do you expect Mists content to last you?

11 Dec


Breakfast Topic How long do you expect Mists content to last you

For some players, the internal expansion clock for Mists of Pandaria is already ticking. Are you the type of player who likes to “play through” the content of an expansion to some point of personal satisfaction, then revert to alts or even go on hiatus until another sufficiently tempting patch or expansion comes along? Or GW2 Gold do you treat Azeroth more as the virtual world or real-world social network you’ve made your home, someplace you simply always hang out?

Wow supports both these very different approaches to MMOs in equal measure. I’ve taken each view at various times, myself (although I suspect my periods of hiatus have been born more from the burnout of writing about World of warcraft as much if not more as i play it at times). But generally speaking, I consider Azeroth a virtual home. I’ll do whatever I find interesting at the time, but I’m always there on some level, regardless of what’s current and fresh. In fact, I’ve become quite choosy about what I leap into right off the bat in any given expansion or patch. Some things, I’ve found, make better leftovers months or even years after their introduction!

If you prefer to play through things from start to “finish” when they’re fresh, how long do you expect Mists to take you? How much longer do you anticipate spending leveling up, raiding, and trying out any other features that seem particularly compelling? How long would you like those things to take? What’s too long and what’s too short, in terms of the lifespan of a major patch or expansion? is a preffional gaming service site with secure buy rs gold, buy diablo 3 gold, come to see!.


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