Last week in Wow: Whither patch 5. 1?

5 Dec
Last Week in WoW Whither patch 51

Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. With Patch 5. 1 now a release candidate over on the PTR, the speculation on a release date runs rampant. There hasn’t been an official date set as of this writing, but with an 8 hour downtime set for this morning starting at 3 a. m. PST, a patch could be possible. If nothing else, a new patch might be the perfect 8th anniversary present. Then again, Blizzard might want to take Thanksgiving easy and wait for next week. I’m guessing we’ll need to wait for November 27 myself.

Whether there’s a patch coming or not, you can’t play Wow for a bit, so why not catch up on the latest news? We have a lot of great articles this week, including some that’ll give you the perfect leg up on patch 5. 1. Read on.

Hot news and features

It’s WoW’s 8th Anniversary week, and Blizzard released a video tribute.
Check out the latest patch 5. 0. 5 hotfixes for November 12.
Pilgrim’s Bounty is upon us, and we a guide to the season.
Blizzard’s eased the difficulty of some of old world raid bosses in patch 5. 1.
Patch 5. 1 brings grand commendations, which will be used to help your alts get reputation quicker.
Despite some ominous datamined language, Darkmoon Faire trinkets aren’t currently slated for a nerf in patch 5. 1.
Patch 5. 1 may herald a return to world PvP objectives.
Check out the new reputation rewards for Alliance and GW2 Gold Horde in patch 5. 1.
Check out our (spoiler-filled) review of the Horde-specific patch 5. 1 scenario, Dagger in the dark.

The discussion over reputation gaining methods continues. Could a once-a-day dungeon run for reputation be in the cards?
MMO Champion recently interview Lead Encounter Designer Ion Hazzikostas.
As rumors and sightings of PvP bots and cheaters flare up, Blizzard has reiterated that they will come down hard on anyone caught cheating.
GuildOx now has a feature that tracks how many people are using each class specialization.
We review the Shado-Pan reputation.

Class news and guides

Arcane Brilliance previews patch 5. 1 for mages.
The Care And Feeding of Warriors examines perception and reality in regards to the current state of DPS warriors.
Scattered Shots takes a Mists-era look at that perennial question: What is the best hunter pet?
Encrypted Text offers some rogue advice for Mogu’shan Vaults.
The Light And How to Swing It has retribution advice for the Heart of Fear raid. We also have some advice for tanking Mogu’shan Vaults.
Shifting Perspectives has a guide to reforging for guardian druids.
Lichborne looks at Terrace of Endless Spring gear.
Spiritual Guidance has a guide to priest healing for those who have never done it before.
Blood Pact has some advice for staying alive as a warlock.

Dungeons, items, professions, PvP, and more

Addon Spotlight looks at cooldown trackers.
This hidden quest has a lucrative reward, but will you be able to live with yourself?
Wow Archivist relates the tragic tale of Tseric.
How do you deal with racism, homophobia, and other horrible behavior in a random group?
Anne discusses the ramifications of the new Raid Finder loot system.

Odds and ends

Know Your Lore discusses what we don’t know about the pandaren race. We also have part one of a Wow lore for Dummies series on the Alliance.
15 minutes of Fame talks to a Wow player who got to spend a summer in Blizzard’s art department.
Li Li’s Travel Journal is up to part 6.
Should players be in charge of disciplining their fellow players? Anne offers an intriguing glimpse at how it could work.
What does community mean in Wow these days?
There’s been a lot of discussion about feedback lately. Rossi lays out what it really means.
Some Wow quests come with moral choices now. What does that mean for the game and story telling?


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